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When you work with Linden's Propane Inc., you can trust that only the most qualified people will handle your installation. When you want a safe installation done properly, we are the company to call. Don't forget to ask about our bulk gas sales and pre-buy plans.

All your propane needs are met by Linden's Propane, Inc. Whether you need propane for your home or business, we can help.

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Tank Installation

When Linden’s installs a new tank at your home, we generally provide the first 50’ of line as well as the tank. If you choose to discontinue service with Linden’s, please note that we remove the tank and the line that we own, unless you choose to purchase it.

Numerous propane options

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Pre-buy plans are available

Budget plans are available

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Budget plans available

Are you worried about the cost of propane installation? Don't be. Work with us and take advantage of our budget plans. You'll find a plan that will work for your individual needs.

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