Propane Delivery Wellington

Safety for your crops and livestock

When you make the switch to Linden's Propane Inc., you'll not only be saving money on your energy costs, you'll be ensuring the safety of your crops and livestock. Propane is clean, safe, and much more affordable than other methods - in fact, it's up to 50% less.

Not only can propane be used in residential and commercial uses too, but the equipment is long lasting and durable. You could install a tank that could last up to 40 years.

  • Crop Drying
  • Irrigation
  • Space Heating
  • Stock Tank Heating
  • And much more!

A million uses for propane

Poultry brooding

Farm equipment

Tractors and trucks



Forklift engines

Crop drying

Numerous commercial uses

Free Tank Set - No installation charges 500 gallon tank.

Do you need a large tank? When you work with Linden's Propane Inc., your 500 gallon tank set up is FREE! You'll also have numerous budget and pre-paid plans to choose from

Call for your FREE Tank Set - No installation charges 500 gallon tank

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