Safety for Your Crops and Livestock

When you make the switch to Linden’s Propane Inc., you’ll not only be saving money on your energy costs, you’ll be ensuring the safety of your crops and livestock. Propane is clean, safe, and much more affordable than other methods – in fact, it’s up to 50% less.

Not only can propane be used in residential and commercial uses too, but the equipment is long lasting and durable. You could install a tank that could last up to 40 years.

  • Crop Drying
  • Irrigation
  • Space Heating
  • Stock Tank Heating
  • And much more!

Grain Dryers

There are plenty of reasons why more than 80 percent of grain dryers run on propane. Propane is portable, so it’s ready to work whenever and wherever you are without the high expense of connecting to a supply line. Propane stores exceptionally well, so there’s no need to drain tanks or stabilize fuel from one season to the next. The way propane is delivered and stored, fuel theft is of little to no concern. And your supplier can work out a delivery schedule that ensures your tank is always full.

When it comes to drying grain, propane is tough to beat. With a higher BTU than natural gas and reliable on-site fuel storage, you get fewer shutdowns. The gas controls for propane-powered grain dryers are smaller and more economical. Plus, propane will not contaminate your grain.

Irrigation Engines

Farmers using propane irrigation engines report savings up to 50 percent compared to diesel engines doing the same job. Plus, new propane-powered engines typically cost 20 to 40 percent less than new diesel engines for comparable power. For many farms, propane engines are cost-competitive to electric pumps while providing independence from the grid.

Propane-powered irrigation engines include the latest technological advancements and features, making them a great choice for farming operations. These high-performing engines can provide up to 300 horsepower of continuous power. Beyond the engines themselves, remote monitoring and operating systems are also available to help producers better manage their operations.

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