Commercial Propane


Your business delivers the best—and so do we!

Our commercial, industrial and agricultural customers trust Linden’s Propane for:

  • Reliable supply, thanks to our national supply resources
  • An assurance of safety in addition to an excellent safety track record
  • Convenient service when you need it, around the clock, 24/7 – 365
  • Flexible pricing options that include volume discounts
  • A dedicated, experienced team ready to serve your commercial propane needs
  • A variety of quality products to meet all of your propane and other fuel needs

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Propane Has Many Industrial Applications

Propane keeps forklifts moving, so you can keep freight deliveries on time. Lindens Propane can fill your propane needs in all of these industrial and commercial situations:

  • warehouses
  • construction sites
  • storage yards
  • moving of pallets
  • shipyards/ports
  • nurseries
  • factories
  • powder coating / paint shop

Our technical expertise, assets and industry knowledge can deliver flexible services and innovative pricing solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional energy customers.


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Propane for forklifts — and more

Linden’s Propane specializes in fueling propane-powered forklifts. Our professionals come right to your premises to refill your 33-pound propane forklift cylinders and inspect your tanks with every fill.

We can provide you with a bulk storage tank, which allows you to fill your own forklift cylinders. Whatever your needs — we can help your company keep your economical propane-fueled forklifts operating smoothly and efficiently.

The industrial and commercial services we offer include:

  • On site filling
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Propane Forklift training-FREE
  • Propane Dispenser training-FREE
  • ASME/DOT Certified Propane tanks-FREE (We retain ownership)
  • Aluminum Forklift Cages provided-FREE (We retain ownership)
  • No Rent

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