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April Hanson
April Hanson
I have been with Linden Propane for over 10 years. They have always been fast and friendly!
Amber Svoboda
Amber Svoboda
I have been dealing with lindens propane for a few years now, they have the fastest and friendliest customer service, And, with the ability to lock in prices.Dealing with them is a no- brainer.Thank you.
Lisa Reed
Lisa Reed
I called this morning and they were here to fill my propane tank.thank u to the delivery guy.
An Old Knight of the Dented Order
An Old Knight of the Dented Order
I have had Linden's Propane for 21 years and never had a problem. Only 1 time they could not deliver the propane through not fault of there's. My driveway was a 250 ft. up hill frozen mess. I was iced in for a week.
Andrew Vandersommen
Andrew Vandersommen
Switched from ferrel. I hated calling the old company (ferrel) and getting a machine with prompts and arguing with delivery guy only filling 65% when i paid for 100%... lindens was extremely happy to have us and helpful. When i called an actual person answered and walked me through the process. They came out and installed new tank. Offered to install new line, etc... when i got my receipt, the name of the company is also the name of the driver which gives me faith that an actual person is behind the company and not a board of directors. We thought of keeping both tanks in case prices change but decided to get rid of ferrels tank because limdens is local and the money stays in ohio.
Trevor Stoll
Trevor Stoll
I week ago I approached Linden about transferring an account, the current tank was running empty. The crew graciously gave me enough propane to last through the transfer, it was much appreciated. I had a couple questions regarding my account, even on a Sunday, Lindens answered my calls AND sent a crew member out to help answer my questions. Fantastic service, friendly office. Thank you.

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