Tips for Staying Warm

Winter weather will still be around for at least awhile, so there’s still time to save money on your heating bills. Following just these few helpful tips can help you stay warm this winter in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious way.

Efficiency is key to reduce winter heating costs. Make sure that your appliances—especially furnace and hot water tank—are working at their best efficiency. Have them serviced to ensure that you get the best return on your fuel dollar spent.

Windows, Doors and Curtains are your first line of defense against cold air. 

Make sure that your doors and windows are properly insulated to stay warm. During the day, curtains and blinds should remain open to allow the sun to work its magic. At night, close curtains and blinds to create an extra barrier between the inside and outside.

Hot and humid? Just like on the sultry days of summer, humid air holds more heat than dry. Increase the humidity in your home with an energy-efficient humidifier. You can also take advantage of the humidity released by a hot shower. Don’t trap that moist air in the bathroom. Open the door and let it help heat the whole house to stay warm.

Ceilings fans work in winter, too. Don’t forget that hot air rises. Send it back down where you are by reversing your ceiling fan. Be sure to flip that switch when the furnace turns off to keep the warm air where it belongs to keep the furnace off longer.

Act like it’s winter. A great way to stay warm is to dress in layers. Cold weather is also a great excuse to snuggle under a blanket on the couch and to make a cup of hot cocoa.

If you have any other questions on how to stay warm during the winter, please contact us.

Check out the Propane Education & Research Council website for more information.

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